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Thermal has been designing and manufacturing thermocouples, temperature probes and sensors capable of measuring temperatures of up to 1800°F for over thirty years. Each probe is manufactured to exact tolerances and your specifications whenever needed.

Type J & K thermocouples are always available for quick manufacture and shipment. We also keep a large supply of adjustable thermocouples in stock for same day shipment.

Thermocouples are the most widely used temperature sensor for several reasons. They are rugged, low-cost, dependable, and fairly accurate over a useful temperature range of cryogenic to 5,000°F. Since the temperature-sensing hot junction is very small, the measurement is a point measurement with fairly quick response to temperature change.

diagram of a Thermal Corporation thermocouple

A full line of resistance temperature detector (RTD) probes or sensors, thermocouple extensions, adapters and accessories are also available from Thermal Corporation.

Ready to Order? Click here to request a quote for a Thermocouple or RTD by selecting the desired product from the Select a Product drop-down! Pricing starts at $11.06.


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Common Thermocouple Wire Types
TypeTemperature RangeMaterial
E-300 to 1,600°Chromel/Constantan
J0 to 1,400°Iron/Constantan
K0 to 2,300°Chromel/Alumel
R0 to 2,700°Platinum/Platinum 13% Rhodium
S0 to 2,700°Platinum/Platinum 10% Rhodium
T-300 to 500°Copper/Constantin
Positive Terminal is in boldface

Custom thermocouple probes can always be quickly manufactured in types J or K. RTD probes in 100 ohms with .00385 ohm/ohm/ °C calibration in either two or three wire configurations are also always available for quick delivery. Unless specified otherwise, the probe body and hose are stainless steel. The lead wire is always a stranded wire in either 20 or 24 gauge depending on the probe configuration.

Each thermocouple or RTD probe tip is welded, not brazed, then machined to fit the bottom of a drilled hole unless specified otherwise.



Please use these charts in describing bend dimensions when ordering a temperature sensor; thermocouple or RTD.

Thermal Corporation thermocouple factory bend chart



The relationship between the temperature difference and the output voltage of a thermocouple is nonlinear and is given by a polynomial interpolation.

voltage temperature relationship equation

The values are given by n between 5 and 9.

To achieve accurate measurements the equation is usually implemented in a digital controller or stored in a lookup table. Some older devices use analog filters.



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Written by Jennifer Taylor & Shelby Reece
Date Published: 05.21.2014
Last Updated: 03.11.2020

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