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a collection of thermal corporation products

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Thermal Corporation manufactures a complete line of industrial heating products, including cartridge heaters, mica band heaters, strip heaters, ceramic band heaters, rectangular band heaters, and thermocouples & RTDs. We also carry a line of industrial heating accessories, such as temperature controllers, high temperature connection gear, extension wires, and more!
All industrial heating products by Thermal Corporation are made in the USA.


Thermal Corporation Cartridge Heater


Cartridge heaters by Thermal Corporation are high temperature swaged units manufactured with magnesium oxide insulation. Every cartridge heater by Thermal Corporation is a premium quality unit with an incoloy sheath, which offers a higher temperature rating and higher resistance to chemical corrosion.

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Thermal Corporation Mica Band Heater


Mica band heaters, designed and manufactured by Thermal Corporation, are used to heat cylinders such as the barrels and nozzles of plastic injection and extruding machines. Thermal Corporation mica band heaters are made to your exact specifications and can be constructed and shipped as quickly as many off the shelf heaters, when needed.

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Thermal Corporation Strip Heater


Strip Heaters by Thermal Corporation are constructed with the highest-quality mica material available. Strip heaters are used in a wide variety of industrial applications.

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Thermal Corporation Rectangular Band Heater


Rectangular Band Heaters by Thermal Corporation are a specific type of mica band heater. These band heaters are constructed in a rectangular shape and are made to your exact specifications. These can be made and shipped as quickly as many off the shelf heaters, when needed.

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Thermal Corporation Ceramic Band Heater


Ceramic band heaters by Thermal Corporation provide long life and use less wattage in plastics extrusion and injection molding applications. They are constructed with ceramic knuckles and are sometimes referred to as ceramic knuckle band heaters. There are a few insulation options to choose from including: standard insulation, heat saver insulation, and even a vented outer sheath. These are made to your exact specifications and are eligible for our quick ship option.

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Thermal Corporation Thermocouple


Thermal Corporation has been manufacturing temperature sensors for over fifty years! Our thermocouples, temperature probes, and sensors are capable of measuring temperatures of up to 1800�F. Each probe is manufactured to exact tolerances and to your specifications, whenever needed. Limited quantities of some thermocouples are kept in-stock and may be shipped same-day. Our Type J & K thermocouples are always available for quick manufacture and shipment.

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image of Thermal Corporation plastic probe


Plastic probes are the temperature sensors used in most plastics processing applications. A list of the most common configurations are available. Plastic probes bodies and metal hose are made of stainless steel. Thermal Corporation’s plastics probes can be manufactured as quickly as type J or K thermocouples and in RTDs.

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Image of Thermal Corporation refractory probe


Refractory probes are for higher temperatures, and are made with inconel sheaths and magnesium oxide insulation. The probe bodies and insulation will withstand temperatures up to 1500�F. Type K and J thermocouple wire is always available for quick shipment; type T is also available but may require longer delivery times.

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Thermal Corporation general industrial heating accessories


Thermal Corporation carries a broad selection of general industrial heating accessories and thermocouple accessories for your convenience. General accessories include everything from Ease-Aid Release and Heat Transfer Agent for Cartridge Heaters to extra Stainless Steel Hose. Thermocouple accessories include additonal items you made need for your application, such as extra Thermocouple wire (both standard and extension grade), adapters, and connectors.

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Fuji PX Series Temperature Controller


Thermal Corporation carries a line of Fuji PX series temperature controllers. PXR4 are kept in stock. All other units can be ordered and customized to suit your specific needs.

PXR4 Details


Custom Thermal Corporation Mica Band Heater


Thermal Corporation offers custom designs of mica band heaters, cartridge heaters, thermocouples and RTDs, and ceramic band heaters! All of these can be made to your specifications. Contact Thermal Corporation Customer Service for custom heating products to meet your needs.

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